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General terms and conditions for the use of in the internal area.
Disappear from 20.12.2018


I point out that is not a commercial internet platform.
This Homepage was created by me: Andreas Müller, as a private individual and does not generate any income profits, or other benefits.
That tells them:
This site is absolutely free of charge for you with full functionality and without any restrictions.
You surely know this from all internet pages, that you have to accept general terms and Conditions always and everywhere.
Even I from can not spare you that unfortunately.
These terms and conditions are always written in factual German law and only the German version is legally used.
Please take this time and read my terms and conditions, because you must abide by it as soon as you register for the internal area.

Contract Introduction:

By registering as a member of you accept the following terms and conditions for the use of
These terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between you and me.
The terms and conditions for intern you can at any time, even after registration, in im Menu; → Conditions_for_Internally call, print, and download as a PDF file.
Terms and conditions of the member deviating from these conditions shall not apply if they have not been confirmed by me in writing.
I am entitled to unilaterally change these General Terms and Conditions to the extent that this is necessary in order to eliminate any subsequent equivalency or to adapt to changed legal or technical conditions (eg in the event of changes in laws or jurisdiction). equal protection of minors and others).
I will inform you about a change by notifying the contents of the changed regulations to your last known email address.
The change becomes an integral part of the contract if you do not contradict me in written or text form within four weeks after receipt of the notification of change of inclusion in the contractual relationship with me..
In the case of your opposition, I reserve the right to terminate the contract and exclude you for access to the internal area.
I will point out to you in the e-mail containing the amended terms, the importance of this four-week period separately.
However, this only applies if you use my services at the time of the change of the business conditions and are registered on

§1 General is a social network community.
On you have the opportunity to get to know other members, to upload content (texts, pictures, videos, etc.) and to exchange forums with other members.
Furthermore you have a newssytem and many other interesting page contents at your disposal.
Registering with me and using the platform is 100% free.
The offer of is aimed exclusively at natural and adult persons.
The use of the site requires a standard device with an Internet connection and a current internet browser.
Java must be allowed for the page to work properly.
The communication between me and you will be done exclusively by email, by contact form or after logging in via messages within the platform.

§2 Youth Protection

I take the protection of minors really very seriously! is aligned according to the current law and responds individually and depending on the degree of urgency, if the texts or pictures posted by the members should violate the statutory provisions of the protection of minors.
If you notice on violations of the protection of minors, I ask you to inform me as soon as possible via e-mail, chat or contact form and to inform me.
I will verify the violations as soon as possible and act accordingly.
If you find a member, where you think that he has not reached the age of majority, I ask you to inform me as well to be able to check this.

§3 Contract

I provide you the platform to use the services on for independent use.
You already have the free membership by registering with
The free membership is not tied to a term and there are no costs for you to use them.

§4 Registration & Profiles

In order to register with, you must complete and send my registration form truthfully.
You find the form explanation in the lower section in the Menu → 100%_Free_to_use, or you use this link:
Login Form Explanation
You must be older than 18 to reach the age of majority so that you can participate in the Modelforyou internal area.
As soon as you click the Login button, you allow me to contact you via e-mail. (For example, to send you the access mail or to inform you of changes).
After your registration, you will receive an e-mail from me confirming the conclusion of the contract between you and me.
For your registration with you need a correct e-mail address, to which I will send you a confirmation link.
You must confirm this link or button to complete your registration and use in the internal area.
Without this e-mail confirmation is a use of internally not possible and the registration is not complete.
Which e-mails you want to receive can be set in the internal area.
You have no legal claim to the conclusion of a user agreement with me.
The contract language is German even if English is offered.
When you register, you set your own password.
The password protects the use of by unauthorized persons who could gain access to your profile on your behalf.
You must always treat your password confidentially and not disclose it to third parties.
Likewise, you must protect your password against access by third parties.
I advise you to change your password periodically for your own safety.
You also agree with the registration that I can record your data and behavior in order to evaluate internal statistics and your user behavior in order to make the site more interesting.

§5 Duties Of The Members

You are responsible for your activities, information and contents on
They undertake to comply with the relevant legal provisions (for example, the right to their own image, the General Personality Law and also in the form of the right to informational self-determination, copyright, trademark and name law and the youth protection law).
You also undertake to provide correct and complete information during registration and in your profile and to keep this data up to date.
You oblige me to immediately notify me of a change or change of your e-mail adress.
You are allowed to register with basically only with one profile.
By registering you warrant that you are not an existing member of
You agree to keep your password secret and to ensure for your environment that your login data will not be accessible to third parties.
You also have to ensure that your password within your environment is not and by accident other people, especially minors, accessible and will.
I will never ask for your password. That means: If you receive an e-mail asking for a password, you can be sure that it was not sent by me.
If you suspect or know that your password has been misused or a third party has knowledge of your access data and / or misuses your account, you are obliged to change your password immediately and to contact me immediately.
The main communication language on is German but can also be run in Engish.
Participants may search advertisements in the databases exclusively using the search masks offered by
Infringements are prosecuted and have criminal consequences under Article 108 et seq. Of the Copyright Act in terms of unauthorized interference with neighboring rights.
Participants are prohibited from falsifying or manipulating the results of the website by misrepresenting or misleading, by posting in a wrong category, by technical measures or any other misuse of the website's functionalities.
Advertising on is strictly prohibited! In addition, a special permit has been obtained from Mr Andreas Müller from Modelforyou in writing and this has been confirmed.
You assure me that you have all the necessary rights with regard to the content you have posted on and that of your uploaded on content (photos, texts, videos): - violate any rights of third parties (eg privacy rights, law am own picture, copyrights), - do not affect third parties in any other way (eg by libel, insult, libel), - do not violate any other regulations (eg the law against unfair competition, the trademark law, the criminal code, regulations for youth protection) and - do not violate my own picture rules and these terms and conditions.
If necessary, you will prove your legal ownership of the content at our request.
You are obliged to maintain a tone on, which does not violate the rules of conduct.
You still commit to refrain from:
  • Uploading a code that harms or compromises functionality or otherwise affects me or the platform.
  • The sending of spam and advertising.
  • To capture content or information from members using automated mechanisms (e.g., bots, robots, spiders or scrapers).
  • Obtaining Stranger Credentials or Accessing an Account That Belongs to Another Member Attempts to attract members of to other portals / platforms.
  • To bully, intimidate or harass other members.
  • To publish content that is despicable or threatening, or that calls for violence or violence.
  • To use to carry out unlawful, misleading, malicious or discriminatory acts.
  • To perform actions that could block, overload or impair the proper functioning of, as well as other misuse of my homepage page.

  • §6 Sanctions For Violations

    The compliance with these terms and conditions, in particular the provisions of §5 with your duties, is of considerable importance for the functionality of
    Therefore I will impose sanctions according to this regulation against a member, if and to the extent that on the part of concrete indications for the fact that a member against legal regulations, rights of third, the good manners and / or these Conditions violates.
    In the case of serious personal attacks, insults, libel, and threats, I reserve the right to involve the law enforcement agencies.
    When choosing the sanction to be imposed, I will include the interests of the member concerned in the decision and, among other things, also take into account whether an innocent misconduct has occurred or the offense was culpably committed.
    The following measures and sanctions are graded for me, depending on the severity of the misconduct:
  • Warning for a member.
  • Partial and complete letting of a member's content.
  • Demand proof of authenticity and age identification of the particular profile.
  • Limited use of
  • Final suspension of a member and a virtual ban on this Side.
  • In the case of a culpable and serious violation of the provisions of §5 of these General Terms and Conditions, I reserve the right to claim compensation in the respective amount of damage.

  • §7 Liability of

    I am not responsible for the permanent accessibility or availability of my site (platform) and I am not liable for downtime due to necessary care and maintenance work or new errors, if they were not foreseeable and even a conscientious average programmer can undermine.
    An editorial check of the content posted by the users does not take place.
    I therefore do not assume any responsibility for the correctness, completeness and usability of the information and content published on
    Under the terms of the law, as a service provider, I am under no obligation to monitor the information transmitted or stored by our members or to investigate any circumstances that may indicate unlawful conduct.
    To these contents belong also links, which are set by you within
    However, should I become aware of an illegal act of a member or information within, I will immediately remove or block them.
    He also denies the member concerned access to
    I always try to check entries on my site and, if necessary, to change or even delete them.
    I do not assume any claim for the correctness of the advertisements.
    I do not review the websites of other providers for their content or their legality and therefore can not influence their design.
    I distance myself from any content displayed there, and may not be responsible for the content of a linked-to-be-linked web site.
    You use links to third party websites at your own risk.
    I do not assume any liability for any failure to comply with the terms of the agreement, provided offer of, or individual pages content, services and services, also that you can actually make successful contacts with others at
    I shall be solely liable for any damage caused by me, my legal representatives or our vicarious agents.
    The liability for simple negligence is limited to the breach of essential contractual obligations (Cardinal Obligations).
    My liability for the haulage is then limited to the damage foreseeable at the time of conclusion of the contract.
    Insofar as my liability is limited according to these conditions, this limitation does not apply in the case of injury to body, life and health, as well as liability according to the provisions of the Product Liability Act.
    On the internet, the identification of persons is only possible in a limited way.
    Therefore, I can not exclude that when registering for incorrect data is entered. therefore does not care about the actual identity of a member.
    Each member has to convince himself of the identity of another member.

    §8 Term And Termination Of The Usage Contract

    A runtime restriction is not available. That's why you are a member as long as you want to be as long as you do not mischief.
    The free membership with Modelforyou you can at any time with your own immediate effect. is entitled to your free membership at any time, for whatever reason whatsoever.
    A Re-activation of the profile is not possible. Since all data will be deleted.

    §9 Data Protection

    I am aware that my members are especially sensitive to all personal information that members provide to I therefore comply with all applicable statutory data protection requirements.
    Detailed information on the collection, processing and use of personal data of the member can be found in my Data Protection (Privacy Policy) of
    These are always available in the menu → Data_Protection, or read here and are also subject of the contract.

    §10 Cookie at Modelforyou

    Cookies are required as soon as you register, they are needed to identify you properly.
    When registering, you accept that I can save or create cookies with you.
    More information about cookies can be found in the menu. → Cookie_M._infos
    Cookie M. info
    In addition, in the menu. → Data_Protection
    Data Protection

    §11 Change Of The Platform

    I reserve the right to change and the online experience features to improve the user experience on the platform.
    I will notify you of any changes.
    For this I can take out individual functions of, add new functions or replace existing functions with others.

    §12 Granting Of Rights To Content And Rights Of Use On The Platform

    All rights to the platform remain the property of grants the user a non-exclusive and non-assignable right to use the platform for the duration of this agreement as intended and in accordance with these Terms of Use.
    If the user has his own copyrighted content, such as Posting news, photos, or ratings on the Platform, it grants to (to me) the non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, non-verbally, timely, and unlimited right to the Content for the purpose of providing of the respective service on the platform to the fullest extent.
    The right of use granted by the user therefore covers the right to technically duplicate the content (for example, in the context of storage), to edit it and make it accessible to the public on the platform.
    The public access right ends when the user removes content from the platform.

    §13 Severability Clause

    Should individual provisions of these Terms of Use be or become wholly or partially void or ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions shall not be thereby violated.
    In place of disclaimed or ineffective provisions of these terms of use, the law of law.
    Unless such statutory law is available in the relevant case (regulatory breach) or would lead to an unsustainable outcome, the parties will enter into negotiations on the effective replacement of the unincorporated or ineffective provision meet as economically as possible.

    §14 Final Provisions

    The German law applies. Jurisdiction is agreed to Augsburg Germany.
    For consumers, this choice of law applies only insofar as the protection afforded by mandatory provisions of the law of the state in which the consumer has his habitual residence is not withdrawn.
    If you have a question about the terms and Conditions, I am always available for you.
    Use the contact form or in the internal area the chat area to send me messages.
    The imprint of the page with my address data can be found in the menu → Imprint.
    Or here: Imprint

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