Website Design
Over 27

Years Experience

What I can do now:

Very good knowledge of:
  • HTML / HTML 5
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • msqli Database
  • AJAX

  • Good and always better knowledge of:
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

  • So speak in all scrip languages that are needed for a website creation.

    The main programs I use this:
  • Webocton - Scriptly
  • Corel Photo Paint 12
  • Microsoft Word

  • is my project

    At first I wrote these only for friends.
    But this programmed so that every user can log in and use and there are no limits.

    Here you can also see how all script languages are applied to each other.
    Of course, there are always improvements to make.

    If you are familiar with website creation, you know that such a page takes a tremendous amount of time.

    For some scripts and functions I was busy for days, because I first had to deal with the topic.

    Anyone who has written a page for the Internet, usually finds in the middle of the project to want to do everything differently, or renewals to maintain. Sometimes it can take hours to find it good for you, which others will probably never notice.

    What do I dare to do?

    In the meantime I trust every internet website project. The factor is time.

    How did it all start? What can I rate?

    Every beginning is difficult, I learned that.

    For me, everything started with Microsoft FrontPage in January 1997 out of boredom and I wanted to know what this program does on my computer.

    The more I dealt with the program, the more interesting I found the appeal to create a page of my own.
    Still with a 28.8k modem and the Netscape Navigator who knows that.

    At that time it was still difficult to find a server and on the internet you could not get much information about how to get the data to a server and establish a connection with it and above all how to view the data.

    Today I have to smile about this time, but then I was almost crazy and when it worked my first signs on the Internet to see jumped with joy in the air.

    From HTML I did not have a clue because I always worked with FrontPage and did not have to deal with the hieroglyphs I saw there.
    Everyone could see my quotes "great" page and click around each other.
    Which of course not many did, as it took a little with a modem of 28kb. (-;

    Since I did not find any free servers that offered FrontPage format support, so only data could be seen but could not continue to be used.
    By and by, however, I had to deal with HTML for good and bad to get the jump off FrontPage.
    So I learned HTML.

    Yes, it takes time to learn a script language and there are always new things, so you never learn and never know everything.
    Above all, there were no tutorials on the net that could really help you.

    To be able to continue to use data input I had to learn a second script language.
    I found PHP very interesting.
    Thanks to YouTube, I also found a great tutorial that greatly facilitates the initial and basic knowledge.

    Here is the link if you want to have a look, or maybe learn PHP German:

    When I went through all the chapters with zeal and saw my first successes, I was always more fun to deal with PHP.

    For several months I also worked on importing and saving data in CSV format.
    For this I used various forums on the Internet which helped me partially.
    As I was good at that, however, everyone in the forums recommended that I learn MSQL and later MSQLi.
    At first with reluctance, since I could get data and edit yes I did not see the benefit of a correct database.
    Today I do not want to miss MSQLi anymore.
    Funny that wrote the former forum insiders always that it offers many advantages.

    Next came CSS, which was the first station for me.
    Today I can blind almost all commands.

    One should teach it slowly, but who builds a page in px and not in% will soon find that 1px can deviate quite a bit and that looks a lot different on different browsers and you are well or bad deal with CSS and automatically learn a lot.

    With HTML, PHP, CSS and MSQLi you can already do a lot.
    But those who are more concerned with the Internet will soon find themselves using scripts such as JAVASCRIPT, JQUERRY and AJAX.
    So if you use such scripts should already deal with these a little bit to understand how you work and what you do.
    JavaScript and JQuery are almost mandatory these days to create an interesting page.

    So there are always many script languages needed to create an appealing website.

    Who has now found pleasure. To work in different script languages I recommend a site where I used to be so happy if you had.

    I create all my pages in Webocton - Scriptly. There are certainly better ones, but since I've been through the PHP course above and it's free, I can only recommend it to anyone.
    To the free program:

    Today there are countless many good sites to get information.
    2 St. are but almost a must:

    But as a beginner on PHP I got 80% to read my questions. Learn basics and unfortunately not really help. But there are a few that I was very grateful to get the hang of it.