Free to use & Registration
Is Modelforyou really free?
100% Free to use and it stays that way!
What is the catch?
There is no!
Can you also use everything?
No Restrictions!
Full Functionality!

100% Free to use


Since unfortunately many sites advertise with free I can understand you, if you are skeptical.
Modelforyou is absolutely free to use.
There are no silver, gold or other methods on my site to get you money.
Even coins or cryptocurrencies are not needed.
Also internally you have full access to all available applications.
Your data is secure and no data will be forwarded to third people (sites) or even sold. Modelforyou is advertising free and should stay that way.
This will not confuse a member.
I try to identify and exclude all fake profiles as good as possible.
This makes us less true, though.
You will not receive spam e-mails and your e-mail will not be forwarded to third parties.
The only thing you have to adhere to are my terms and conditions for the internal area.
This Conditions for Internally can be found here or in the menu.

I would be pleased if you tell your friends and acquaintances from the page. More members, more interesting is Modelforyou.

The Registration &
Declaration Form

What information do I have to truthfully and why so many?
Here I explain you the registration form.

Page 1

Read the data protection, the terms and conditions and the cookies of Modelforyou.
Only if you accept them can you registerin to Modelforyou.
As soon as you have confirmed all 3 fields, a button (next) will appear that guides you to the 2 page of the form.

Page 2
(Email verification)

The e-mail address is a very important point and must be correct in order to register with Modelforyou.
An e-mail address can only be registered once in the world.
You can use these to log in to our system and thus identify yourself.
If you have forgotten your password, this can only be determined by the current e-mail address.
Your e-mail address will not be forwarded and modelforyou will not send spam.

E-Mail Form Handling:
Enter in the field: your e-mail address. As soon as it is a possible e-mail address a confirmation hack appears and a button:
Check & send e-mail.
Check again if no errors have been entered and your e-mail is correct.
Then click Check & Send Email.

E-Mail form examination:
Your e-mail will be checked if this is a possible e-mail address.
An e-mail will be sent to this address and you will automatically receive a confirmation that you have a new e-mail in your mailbox.

E-Mail verification:
You can now close the browser and go to your e-mail program and in your inbox should now within 2 minutes an email from Modelforyou appear.
Open it and either click on the button: Now activate or copy the displayed link in your browser.
You will automatically be redirected to Modelforyou and your email will now be vertised (activated) and a button will appear (next) to continue the registration.

Page 3
(Date of birth

In order to be able to show you age-appropriate media and to be able to comply with the protection of minors, I need your date of birth.
Access to Modelforyou is only allowed from the age of 18.
Of course you can set in the internal area, who may see this information and who is not.
For example, you can receive congratulations from friends or acquaintances when you have your birthday.
Even when looking for age sorted you will be better found.

Enter your date of birth in the fields.
Once you have entered all you will be checked if you are older than 18 and if the date in the calendar is correct.
If entered correctly, the button will appear again: (next).

Page 4

Your country:
Choose here the country from which you come.
If you come from Germany you should also enter this. Because this plays an important role in form history.

Gender & Salutation: By the sex selection I get your gender whether Woman, Man or Divers.
This is needed to be able to restrict internal searches better and of course to write them correctly.

First name Last Name: The first name and last name is a decisive advantage and important.
If a friend or acquaintance is looking for you on Modelforyou it is much easier to recognize you and to find you and of course to write you down correctly.

Page 5

Postcode & City:
If you are from Germany, a postal code will be displayed. - List of cities with all towns and cities, from which you have to choose your postcode / city.
This data is then needed for distance calculations to give you e.g. Show distances from other users or better view local results.
You can decide for yourself in the internal area who can see your town and who can not.
Many sites use Google Analytics to not ask you and get your location.
But I do not want to share your data with Google, so I need that information from you.
This only has advantages for you if you fill in this data correctly!

Your Street And House Number:
This will only be used for Modelforyou and will not be shown to any other users unless you specifically request it.

Modelforyou does not pass on data to third parties or companies.

Page 6

Password Security:
With your password you protect your login in the internal area of Modelforyou, in front of other users on your profile.
Please also use special characters and no words in the dictionary to increase your own safety.
Although I use various so-called ? Salt ? and Password crypt system to increase security, but who knows you could still guess your password.
Never use passwords from other sites.

Password Handling:
Enter a password of at least 5 characters, better more and special characters.
Once 5 characters have been entered, a password repeat box will appear.
Enter your password again.
As soon as this is the same as the first password field, you will now see a button: Activate account now.

Click on this button to complete the registration and create your modeforyou account.

It would be great if you put your trust in me and you sign up with Modelforyou.

100% Free to use
and when comes you?